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Detects all variants of SARS-CoV-2.


DECOV™ with customised reporting.


Transform genomic information into clinical reports.

Coming Soon

16S Metagenomics

Analyses the microbial genome.

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Viral Typing

Detects and identifies viruses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Samples can be added quick and easily by means of either the “drag and drop” function, or my manually adding these files by means of selecting the files from the specific folder. Please ensure that these files have the correct format.

Unless specific arrangements have been made for purchases of analysis of more than 1000 samples, an invoice is generated at the time you finalise online payment. For more than 1000 samples, this will be based on the terms of the purchase.

All pricing is based on the number of samples your wish to analyse. Once you near the end of your set number of samples, you may “top-up” your subscription to add more analysis to your tool.

Payment is facilitated online via the payment gateway. Alternative arrangement and pricing will be made by means of specific agreement for any laboratory wishing to purchase more than 1000 sample analysis, per purchase.

In accordance with Article 5 of Law No 24 of 2006, refunds or exchange of products are an available remedy in the event of a faulty product or a product supplied with a different description. Please be certain of your product at the time of purchase. We allow you to make use of the demo function, in order to determine that you are happy with the tool, before completing your purchase. Refunds will only be permitted in the event that you have not made use of any analysis purchased.

Once you have loaded your sample for analysis, the samples will be immediately queued for analysis. You will receive an email to confirm that the samples are loaded, and once your run is complete.

Yes. Every sample loaded for analysis will be considered as a unique sample added for processing.

Pricing is based on the number of samples that you wish to purchase for analysis. Pricing may vary due to promotional offers, or introduction of new products. Please view the pricing page


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